Top 10 Miles Davis Quotes

Miles Davis(May 26, 1926 – September 28,1991) was an American jazz musician and is regarded as one of the most iconic jazz artists in history.  Here are the Miles Davis’s top ten greatest quotes: I. Don’t play what’s there, play what’s not there. II. Do not fear mistakes. There are none. III. First you imitate, then you innovate. IV. Knowledge is freedom and ignorance is … Continue reading Top 10 Miles Davis Quotes


Top 10 Ludwig van Beethoven Quotes

Ludwig van Beethoven(1770-1827) was a German pianist and one of music’s greatest composers. He is most famous for his compositions of 32 sonatas, 5 piano concertos, an opera, and 9 symphonies. He was almost completely deaf during his 9th symphony, but that did not hinder him from completing it.  His most well known pieces are the Fifth symphony, Fur Elise, and Moonlight Sonata.   Here … Continue reading Top 10 Ludwig van Beethoven Quotes