Top 10 J.P. Morgan Quotes

John Pierpont Morgan Sr.(April 17, 1837 – March 31, 1913) was an American banker, businessman, and philanthropist. He is best known as the founder of J.P. Morgan Chase & Co., one of the largest banks in the world. Continue reading “Top 10 J.P. Morgan Quotes”


Top 10 Tony Robbins Quotes

Tony Robbins(February 29, 1960), born as Anthony J Mahavorick, is an American entrepreneur, philanthropist, author, and life coach. His best sellers include Unlimited Power, Awaken the Giant Within, and Money: Master the Game.        Here are some of Tony Robbins’ most inspirational quotes: I. Success is doing what you want, when you want, where you want, with whom you want, as much as … Continue reading Top 10 Tony Robbins Quotes

Top 10 Oprah Quotes

Oprah Winfrey(January 29, 1954) is an American TV producer, philanthropist and best known for hosting The Oprah Winfrey Show.  Here are the top ten most inspirational Oprah Winfrey quotes: I. Be thankful for what you have; you’ll end up having more. If you concentrate on what you don’t have, you will never, ever have enough. II. You get in life what you have the courage … Continue reading Top 10 Oprah Quotes

Top 10 Paul Newman Quotes

Paul Leonard Newman(January 26, 1925 – September 26, 2008) was an American actor, philanthropist, and creator of Newman’s Own, a food company that donates all their profits to charity. His most famous movies include The Color of Money, The Hustler, and Cool Hand Luke. Here are Paul Newman’s greatest quotes: I. A man with no enemies is a man with no character. II. You only … Continue reading Top 10 Paul Newman Quotes

Top 10 Jeff Bezos Quotes

Jeffrey Preston Bezos(January 12, 1964) is the CEO of Amazon, founder of Blue Origin, owner of the Washington Post, and is currently known as the richest man in the world.  Here are Jeff Bezos’s top ten greatest quotes: I. If you can’t tolerate critics, don’t do anything new or interesting. II. I knew that if I failed I wouldn’t regret that, but I knew the … Continue reading Top 10 Jeff Bezos Quotes

Top 10 Jean Paul Getty Quotes

Jean Paul Getty(December 15, 1892 – June 6, 1976) was an American industrialist, an avid art collector, and founded the Getty Oil Company. He was known to be the richest man in America during his lifetime- worth about $2 billion at the time. He donated $1.2 billion(worth $9 billion today) to the J. Paul Getty Museum, one of the richest museums in the world. Here … Continue reading Top 10 Jean Paul Getty Quotes