Top 10 German Proverbs

Germany officially became a nation state on January 18th, 1871. In honor of the day, here are Germany’s most inspirational proverbs: I. To begin is easy, to persist is an art. II. One today is worth ten tomorrows. III. Fear makes the wolf bigger than he is. IV. Who lives by hope will die of hunger. V. God gave us nuts but he doesn’t crack … Continue reading Top 10 German Proverbs


Top 10 Bhutanese Proverbs

Bhutan, the “Land of the Thunder Dragon”, is located in South Asia, in the Eastern Himalayas between Tibet and India. They celebrate their National Day on December 17th, in honor of the day their first king was coronated in 1907. Here are the top ten Bhutanese Proverbs: I. The stripes of a tiger are on the outside; the stripes of a person are on the inside. … Continue reading Top 10 Bhutanese Proverbs

Top 10 Bengali Proverbs

Bangladesh celebrates Victory Day, or Bijôe Dibôsh, on December 16th, for their victory in the Liberation War against West Pakistan in 1971. In honor of the day, here are the top ten greatest Bengali Proverbs: I. One’s harvest month is another’s complete devastation. II. A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush. III. A bully is always a cow. IV. Time flows … Continue reading Top 10 Bengali Proverbs