Top 10 Haitian Proverbs

Haiti, the “Land of High Mountains”, is a country in the Caribbean that was discovered on December 5th, 1492 by Christopher Columbus. What the country lacks in wealth, they make up for with the richness in their culture, and great spirit of the people.

Here are the top ten Haitian Proverbs:


Avan ou ri moun bwete, gade jan ou mache.
-Before you laugh at those who limp, check the way you walk.


Lang pa lanmè, men li ka neye-w.
-The tongue is not the sea, but it can drown you.


Men anpil, chay pa lou.
-With many hands the work is light.


Ouvriye vann zouti-l, men li pa vann metye-l.
-Workers sell their tools, but do not sell their trades.


Sa’w pa konnen pi gran pase’w.
-What you do not know is bigger than you.


Timoun se riches malere.
-Children are the riches to the poor. 


Rad pa janm fè moun.
-Clothing do not make a person.


Tout kod gen de bout.
-Every rope has two ends.


Se soulye ki konn si chosèt gen twou.
-It is the shoe that will know if the sock has a hole.


Dèyè mòn gen mòn.
-Behind mountains are more mountains.

Thank you for the wise words Haiti!

Interesting Haiti Facts:

  • The population has reached 11 million people.
  • The two languages spoken there are Creole and French.
  • It is the 3rd largest and most mountainous nation in the Caribbean.
  • It is one of the poorest countries in the world, with majority living in poverty, making less than $2/day or less.
  • An 8.0 magnitude earthquake devastated the country in 2010, taking the lives of 220,000 people and leaving 1.5 million homeless.
  • In 2016, Haiti was hit with Hurricane Mathew, a category 4 hurricane.

There are still many ways to help Haiti. Volunteer, donate, bring awareness, or experience Haiti by visiting.

Do you any other good Haitian proverbs or know of any other ways to help? Thank you.






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