Top 10 Jerry Lewis Quotes

Jerry Lewis(March 16, 1926 – August 20, 2017), aka “The King of Comedy”, was an American comedian, actor, and philanthropist.

Here are his top ten quotes:


I am probably the most selfish man you will ever meet in your life. No one gets the satisfaction or the joy that I get out of seeing kids realize there is hope.


You might as well like yourself; just think about all the time you’re gonna have to spend with you.


I’ve had great success being a total idiot.


Every man’s dream is to be able to sink into the arms of a woman without also falling into her hands.


I get paid for what most kids get punished for.


I don’t want to be remembered. I want the nice words when I can hear them.


For those who understand, no explanation is needed… For those who don’t, none will do.


I have some very personal feelings about politics, but I don’t get into it because I do comedy already.


It’ll keep you alive for another 10 years if you get yourself a laugh once a day: either provoke it, or look around in the wildest laboratory in the world, the public.


I tell young comics, ‘Do you want this badly enough? It’s there. But you have to go get it. And if you think I’m going to give you the key to the lock of that door, there is no key, there is no lock, and there is no door.’

Thank you Jerry Lewis!

Interesting Facts:

  • He had an annual Labor Day telethon to raise money for muscular dystrophy that aired from 1966 to 2010.
  • He raised over $2 billion for muscular dystrophy.

What are some of your favorite quotes?


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