Top 10 Lessons My Father Taught Me

Today is my father’s 70th birthday, and in honor of the day,

Here are the top 10 lessons my father taught me:


School is not necessary for success.


If you must go to school to learn, go ahead, but you don’t need it for success. There are things in school that they don’t teach you that is more valuable in real life. Such an example would be the subject of finance. There are other resources, so be resourceful. School is a great place for networking though.


Think positive and never give up.


Emit positive energy and you will attract the positive. There was a time when my father was struggling and didn’t have enough money for food, but he never told me. He only told me the positive things and I had learned of his financial state years later from a family member. He kept thinking positive and never gave up. Now he has a multi-million dollar business and doesn’t plan on retiring ever.


It’s never too late to pursue your dreams, so dream, and dream big.


If you’re going to do something anyway, do it big. He always tells me encouraging stories about people over 70 years old getting their degrees. What actually stuck with me is when I see him working hard to learn something new, and working hard even though he could have retired years ago.


Whatever you want to do, do. Try it.


Life is about trying things and learning. It’s about failing and growing. It’s about working hard and experiencing life, so try everything at least once.


Don’t compare yourself to others.


Whenever I start comparing myself to others, my dad always tells me the same story about a guy who plays the guitar with his feet because he has no arms. “If you want to compare yourself to anyone, compare yourself to him,” he’d say. The only person you should be comparing yourself to is your previous self.


Love yourself and take care of yourself first.

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If you are not well, you cannot help others. You must eliminate the bad and harmful things in your life and do things that will help appreciate your life, not depreciate it.


Prioritize health first, then knowledge.


Without health, all this hard work would be for nothing. My dad always told me to put health and knowledge above all, because money comes and goes, but health and knowledge, no one can take away from you.


Always be learning and working on self-development.


Even as we grow older, my dad says he still feels like a kid, still learning the lessons of life. He says theres always something more to learn and one can never be perfect but should strive to be.


Live simply.


Instead of buying a car, my dad chooses to walk and take the subway. He lives as a minimalist, buying just what he needs. His only splurge is on books.


Be productive.


Life only gives you one seed, so make the most of it by working hard to grow and be fruitful. If you factor in 8 hours of sleep, you only have 16 hours to be productive so make the most of it and keep busy.

Thank you for all the lessons.

Happy 70th dad!

What are some lessons your father taught you?




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