Top 10 Ralph Abernathy Quotes

Ralph David Abernathy Sr.(March 11, 1926-April 17,1990) was a civil rights activist, pastor, and close friend of Martin Luther King Jr.

Here are his top ten greatest quotes:


Bring on your tear gas, bring on your grenades, your new supplies of Mace, your state troopers and even your national guards. But let the record show we ain’t going to be turned around.

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Violence is the weapon of the weak.

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It’s not the name they call you, it’s the name you answer to.

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Not only are a voteless people a hopeless people. A non-producing people are hopeless also.

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I am not going to say I have been a saint. I have not been a perfect man. None is perfect but the Father, which is in Heaven.

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If you see a good fight, get in it and fight to win it!

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I’m sick and tired of black and white people of good intent giving aspirin to a society that is dying of a cancerous disease.

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You may be assured that we won’t ever let your words die. Like the words of our Master, Jesus Christ, they will live in our minds and our hearts and in the souls of black men and white men, brown men and yellow men as long as time shall last.

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I have suffered as much as Martin Luther King. Only I didn’t get the bullet. And I would have taken the bullet if I could have.

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History will treat me right.

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Thank you Ralph Abernathy!

Interesting Facts:

  • He was the cofounder of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference, in which he became the president of after Martin Luther King Jr’s assassination.
  • He wrote an autobiography: And the Walls Came Tumbling Down.   

What are some of your favorite quotes?


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